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Welcome to Continental Parcel Service
Continental Parcel Service Inc.(CPS)
Corporate office is located in the heart of New York City. CPS provides the fastest door-to-door delivery for importing and exporting services of shipments between the United States and China as well as domestic. We are committed to provide excellent services at unbeatable rates to lower your shipping cost.

Fast, Easy and Reliability
In an efforts to stay on top of our customers' changing needs, we provide highly trained customer service to assist with your shippment. Our computerized tracking system enables us to give you immediate status on your shipments.


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Please use the following to track all inbound to USA from China


PLEASE DO NOT respond to emails or any other spams that contains our Company Logo only.
Recently there are spam emails being sent out using our company registered logo which is illegal without our company's written consent. While this is out of our control, we are doing every effort to investigate who is behind the use of our company logo.

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